Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You Say Yes #Marshians for you :)

Say Yes

A Touch of Jazz B Room Summer of 2000:

It was late.  Everyone had left the studio except for myself and Andre Harris.  He was tired, I was coming down with a cold.  Still, the two of us stayed in the B room. He played some chords.  I said 'loop those four chords and play it real slow.'  He did so.  I began to write...

There is only one for me
you have made that a possibility
we could take that step to see
if this is really gonna be

All you gotta do is say yes

All you gotta do is say yes
don't deny what you feel let me undress you baby
open up your mind and just rest
I'm about to let you know

you make me so so so so so so so so so

Loving you has taken time
take your time
But I always knew you could be mine
I recognize the butterflies inside me
sense is gonna be made to tonight tonight

all you gotta do is say yes...

It took me about 3mins.  I told Andre I was done writing it which meant one thing and one thing only.  I was gonna record whether he was tired and whether or not I was coming down with a cold.  I got in the booth,  the four chords looped around a couple of times and I freestyled the intro "See I've been watching you for a while, your smile and style, I wanna know if I can be with you for the night aiight!  Is that alright? Baby? baby!" I recorded the lead in one take.  I didn't write a bridge so at the time, it only made sense to just enjoy the moment.  So I did ;) Asked for another track,  did some background harmonies.  Asked for another track, did another harmony.  My voice was so worn out from coughing and sneezing that I didn't do anymore vocals than that.  The song was done.

That night in the B Room at A Touch of Jazz, we listened back to it on repeat.  Andre Harris and myself KNEW that song was SOMETHING!  

At the time, Ron Isley was looking for songs so I definitely wrote it with him in mind.  I remember everyone coming to the studio the next day and how hype I was to play it for them.  I remember who liked it and who said it was 'a nice song'.  I remember who gave me the 'you DID THAT' look and I remember who shrugged it off as just another song I had done without them.

I remember playing it for Babyface when he came to A Touch of Jazz to meet with the producers.  I remember him liking the song and passing up on it.  I remember hearing that Ron Isley's album was already completed so he didn't take it either.  

I remember Dreamworks being very happy that they could use this song on the Floetry debut album Floetic.  I remember it then being chosen as a single.  I remember sitting in creative meetings about the video trying to figure out how to incorporate the duo in this song because only I wrote it and only my vocals are on the song.  The Floacist would lip sync  all my vocals throughout the video to give the illusion of this being a Floetry song. Performance shots are everything and the Say Yes video was shot carefully to ensure it looked cohesive thanks to the director Jeremy Rall!  http://www.jeremyrall.com I remember choosing Omari Hardwick as the guy I would be checking out on the subway in the video and I'm thankful he 'said yes' ;)  
*every time I see him now we smile, acknowledging where we used to be those years ago.  Look at how it all turned out now :) GO OMARI :) @OmariHardwick

I remember going back to London after Say Yes was released in the USA and returning to "SAY YES".  I was happy for US!  Didn't matter to me that 'we' didn't write the song.  Floetry had now garnered 'mainstream' notoriety from a song that I wrote and recorded with a cold.  

It was Andre's birthday not too long ago and we talked and reminisced and laughed and thanked Jesus numerous times that I didn't take Nyquil and he didn't fall asleep that night.  We made an 'Open Mic' Classic!!! lol We made a song that 12 years later, I can get on the keys at my live show, play those four chords I asked him to loop and THE WHOLE CROWD knows what's about to happen!  The same thing that has been happening for the past 12years.  Real moments.  Real music.  

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this song what it is!

Andre Harris @AndreDreHarris "Copoogy" "Oskie" lol 12yrs don't change much :)

All the true fans out there that hear this song, still feel it in your hearts, the singers that cover this song at open mic spots across the world... :) LOVE!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Marsha Ambrosius

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EARTHQUAKE!!! I'm awl shook up!!! :)

Ok so... I had to blog this event LOL I'm LOL now but at the time, not so much. Of course the last thing to explain what was happening in my house was a result of an earthquake so the following explanation should come as no surprise!!!


Early that morning, I had roof repairs done (this info is important as it does apply to the story). The 3 workmen went up on to my roof and fixed the problem (hopefully). I let them out and carry on about my day. I'm in the kitchen, I'm making cinnamon toasted bagels and a cuppa. I'm on the phone to my brother chit chatting away when the ceiling starts shaking as if someone were stomping around upstairs. My brother hears that I am startled by something or someone and asks if I'm okay. I go silent on the phone for a split second so he yells at me. My heart is beating out of my chest because it now sounds as if 10 men are running from the upstairs bathroom to my bedroom. I tell my brother to hold on a minute. Adrenaline kicks in and I leave the kitchen to look upstairs.

Stupid ass you say???

Well, there's no way anyone can get upstairs in my house without walking right passed me. I was home alone. Hopefully. Did the workmen come back??? Am I bugging??? WTH???

I'm still on the phone with my brother as I walk up the stairs towards the commotion. Then my chandelier starts swinging and the living room ceiling is shaking like 10 men are running on the roof. I'm thinking how the heck did they get out the house so fast??? Did ghosts just galavant around my bedroom and bathroom and rooftop???? WTH?!?!

I run outside to see if I could cross the street and look up at my rooftop to see if anyone was running up there. I look to my right, someone walking their dog looks a little disturbed. My brother is yelling at me on the other end of the phone like what the heck was going on. I told him I had no idea. I thought someone was in the house, then on the roof. Then...??? I was going to call 911 but had no idea what I would say. There's people in my house??? They disappeared!!!! I was so confused.

A car turns onto my block and slows down as it gets closer to me. I looked insane with ball shorts, a T and a Phillies fitted. He asks me "Excuse me Miss, did you just feel the earth shake???" I look at him relieved!!! I was thankful that I wasn't going insane! And that it wasn't just my house!!! I'm still not thinking an earthquake. I'm thinking all kinds of stupid things like Godzilla just walked out the Delaware river and he's headed downtown, UFO's entered the earths atmosphere and they are now invisible to the human eye with their protective shields. I thank him for making me feel not as crazy as I actually am but not as crazy today! My brother overheard the exchange and was like WTF!!! I look towards the end of the block and everyone is outside! People came out of their homes, businesses, looking up at the sky trying to figure something out. I'm trying to catch my breath after the fear of all the possibilities kicked in! (I was thinking more terrorist attack or intrusion vs Alien attack, Godzilla, Poltergeist or Goza the Gozerean! Where's the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man when you need him!)

My phone drops the call... that's nothing too new but I knew my brother would now be worried because I couldn't make or receive calls. I go towards the people and ask if they felt it too. An older lady passes by and says "It was an Earthquake!"

HUH??? In Philadelphia??? Excuse me WHAT???

Everyone is now asking if their cell phones work.


I'm stunned. I start walking back towards my house, everyone on the block looking pretty shook up, no pun. An earthquake was the last thing I was thinking. Not the last thing. I NEVER THOUGHT THERE'D BE AN EARTHQUAKE IN PHILADELPHIA!!!

I mean, times are changing, there are signs. I watch too many movies to experience events like this alone LOL

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!


Marsha Ambrosius

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's been a while...

My my my...

How time changes everything!!! I had no idea I'd be where I am right now (sitting on the edge of my bed) typing away as I get ready to go to rehearsals for the R.Kelly "Love Letter" Tour featuring Keyshia Cole and myself. Late Nights & Early Mornings as of March 1st has changed EVERYTHING!!! 3 BET Award Nominations! And yes, I'm up against famous people lol. I always feel like the one who sneaks backstage with no VIP pass, just a smile and an "I'm supposed to be here" attitude which has pulled me through thus far.

Tonight, I appear on The Monique Show. Again, who would've known??? :) I have so many things going on I barely have time to think. I apologize to all those I neglect because of this but you know when I'm focused :) anyways... Thanks to all for supporting :) #Marshians :)



Marsha Ambrosius


Leave a comment below the video stating why you should win :) DEADLINE MAY 31ST

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happier New :) 2011

It's nice to start fresh :)
The new year is always great. You can start over. Resolve.
I know what I need to do. There's plenty I want to do but that will have to wait :)

Making music is something that I knew I'd eventually end up doing. I knew when it was time for me to do my own thing, I'd want to make a statement. With music that has purpose, has meaning, saves lives. That's the type of music I make.

2010 "Hope She Cheats on you With a Basketball Player" - I had no idea that the song would be what it became. What began as UStream banter, became a Billboard charted record :) FUNNY!!! :) And I love the song :) Glad it's a part of LN & EM's :)

"Far Away" I recorded that song early '08. I knew it would mean more to me later on and I'm thankful that it waited for it's time and place which is right now. When I write songs, it's usually in the moment I'm experiencing that emotion, or I'll pick up on what the people around me are feeling. Of late, many songs I've written are surfacing as experiences I'm having now :)

Many artists back in the day dealt with all subject matters in their music without compromise. Marvin Gaye could tell you to "Come Live With Me Angel" and ask you "What's Going On". I'm getting back to that. If it is unheard, I'll speak on it. It's always been the "me" thing to do :)

Late Nights & Early Mornings - EVERYTHING I ever wanted to say :) it's everything I've felt. My heart is on my sleeve, always :) I hold back for no one when it comes to music :)

Can't wait for you to experience my experience :)

Marsha Ambrosius


Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I got the call to perform with Mark Ronson this past Monday and Tuesday night at The Music Hall of Williamsburg and Webster Hall, I WAS ECSTATIC!!! First of all, Mark Ronson is a genius and I love him so of course I'd want to share the stage with him. Second thing that came to mind was what song I'd be performing with him. "Valerie." Now I'm all to familiar with that song. For many, it's just another smash hit record that we all sing along to. For me, it was one of my Aunty Beryl's favorite songs.

I remember making the playlist earlier this year of all her favorite songs. "Valerie" was the only song I had on twice because she enjoyed two versions of it. I hadn't listened to the song since then. I'd avoid it. It would come on in random stores/shops and I'd tune it out or just leave. As many times as I'd heard "Valerie" I didn't know it word for word and on that Monday, I had only 2 hours to learn it. I opened iTunes on the laptop, went straight to Aunty Beryl's playlist and sat on the Amtrak train from Philly to NY. I looked up the lyrics, listened to the melodies over and over and over again and it wouldn't sink in. Just as it hadn't then, just as I had wanted to forget it, I did. I asked if they would kindly have the lyrics on the stage for me. And they did.

I was picked up from Penn station and rushed right to the venue, right to the dressing room, right before stage time with barely enough time to get it together. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Spank Rock & Pill all in the dressing room, all very welcoming. I was handed a set of the lyrics 5mins before I got on stage and smiled thankfully. Even staring at the lyrics, they wouldn't stay with me. I openly joked with the band and artists how I didn't know the words. They gave me the "OMG" looks. I promised them I'd be okay.

I emailed a copy of the lyrics to my blackberry. I decided that I was going to hold my blackberry during my performance and act like I was twitpic'n. Not because by that point I didn't know the lyrics, but because my screensaver on my blackberry is Brompton House, Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park, Liverpool, England. My Aunty Beryl lived there. She made the best egg nogs EVER. She would make a roast dinner for you if you said you were a bit peckish. She loved that song "Valerie". And the last time I heard it was the day of her funeral. That playlist I made comprised of all the songs that we put together as a family, of all the songs that reminded us of her. The song I remember the most from that day was "Valerie". The picture of Brompton House on my blackberry got me through that performance. Twice. And I know she's with me. Singing her heart out along with crowd.

I miss her.

We all do.

R.I.P Aunty Beryl

"Well sometimes I go out by myself
and I look across the water
and I think of all the things, what you're doing
and in my head a paint a picture..." - Valerie

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Ballad of Hope She Cheats: Sex So Good

Hey everyone :)

I decided to take it back, way back... back when it was just me and my pen and my piano. "Hope She Cheats" is living the life at radio right now :) so happy, billboard charted and all, my little boo boo of a song, the little engine that almost never was :) thanx UStream Fam :) thanx Canei Finch & Clutch :) that was an interesting evening :) Look at how it all turned out now ;)

When I initially wrote the song, I heard it really mellow and jazzed out, similar to how I 1st performed it at SOB's :) and this is exactly what I did :)

After UStreamin last night, sat there at the keys and went in, didn't mean to be up till 7AM but ahh well :) for me, well worth it :)

Un-mixed of course but will be at a later date...

I created this for those who don't know I write and produce :) for those who want a glimpse of who I am :)

The chords, the harmonies, the cow bell LOL even the thunder storm :) I've been making songs like this for a while now :) BRITS Performing Arts School knows that :) Good old 92' :)

Listen & Download :)

Dream Inception

*I wrote this piece after watching the movie "Inception" thoroughly enjoyed the concept. What if you could give someone the idea of love??? :)

"I am everything that you need
the more I tell you so
the more that you believe
your love for me will grow
I'm just to plant the seed
you and I can begin to dream

I am what you've been searching for your whole life
the more I let you know
the more I'm on your mind
your love for me is so ideal
so divine this time
I'm so ready
oh so ready
for your love tonight

So I'll dream..."