Friday, March 19, 2010

If the shoe fits...

I buy them!!! I have an issue!!! A severe case of the "Shoes"! Not uncommon and symptoms that often occur are extraordinary bliss followed by broke! I knew it was ridiculous when I opened my front door to boxes full of shoes I ordered online the day before, completely forgetting that I had done so. It's easily done. My obsession began very early. I remember the 1st pair of sneakers I cried over when they became too small. Nike Cortez Turquoise w/yellow swoosh!!! I was around 7yrs old STUNTIN'!!! Sneakers, Trainers in the UK if you will :) They were the gateway drug to much bigger, more lethal problems I've had over the years...

1985, Michael Jordan came to London and played at my gym, Brixton Recreation Centre, home of the Brixton Topcats. MY TEAM. My brother was pictured with him in The Evening Standard shooting a lay up. My brother was 5 at the time and also wore Spiderman sneakers that day LOL Thankfully, we were treated that day to what was one of many issues...


Soon as a new one was available, had to have those. My personal faves... 4's hands down. Only because I distinctly remember the Christmas that I got them and I brought them with me 1st day of school after Christmas break. I didn't wear them. Just wanted to show everyone that I had them. Looking back, I only recall ever wearing them a couple of times, they remained fresh for a while. I was too scared to get them dirty. One scrape shut the whole thing down. I had the white shoe polish and everything back then lol

The craziest thing I ever did when it came to my sneakers was at a Brixton Topcats basketball game. I was about 18, basketball was my life, I was heavily into breaking ankles and wanted to do so, fashionably of course. I held down a decent paying job as a Librarian :) and with that pay check came "THE SHOES"!!! Both pairs!!! I wore the Nike Air Total Max Uptempo's to that game! One of each. The black and neon yellow on one foot, the white/silver/black and blue one on the other. They cost roughly around 120 GBP back then!!! That's like $240 per pair!!! According to Brixton, I was BALLIN' :) Had a decent game that day too. The shoes! The shoes??? __ ____ __ ___ ____!!!

Now, it's changed somewhat!!! I'm not into sneakers as much. Now it's these... and many others just as fierce that I must have. Even if I don't wear them... I just want to look at them and know they're mine... Obsessed much?!?! LOL The 1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. My name is Marsha Ambrosius... Thank you ;)

Yours Sincerely,

ME :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am not my hair...

If I knew then what I know now :) I was chillin', letting it air dry... With the vicious side part... I think I have roughly the same outfit on right now as I do in this pic lol what I don't have is innocent hair! That untouched, pure, loved hair! And I'm ok with that! I don't regret one single thing I did or didn't do to my hair, except maybe that bleach! No good can come from bleaching!!! But I learned :)

Yes, the ever so touchy subject "Is that all yours???" aka HAIR!!! My response... "Most of it!" LOL I have done my hair every which way possible, relaxed, natural, every color possible, colors you're not supposed to have, I DID IT ALL!!! 1st relaxer when I was 11. Chopped it all off to go natural when I was 22. 10 years later, hmmmmmmmm what didn't I do to my hair??? What I didn't do is grow my natural hair all the way out till it was out of control long. Yes I had a very large afro but it was also bright orange. I'd used so many chemicals to color it, it still didn't feel like I owned it. Let's have a look :) WOW!!! I loved my afro but it was so chemically treated, I may as well have had a relaxer which I ended up getting right before I went on vacation in '07. Thought that would be easier but NO!!! I was right back to where I didn't wanna be! Had to maintain it!!! My natural hair is somewhat manageable lol I can't leave it to air dry OH NO!!! I'd have issues tryna brush that out without doing some kinda damage. What I do have is A LOT of hair. It's crazy thick and when it is long its frikkin HUGE!!!

My hairstylist of the past 2-3 years knows that of me. Ava-Gaye who works at The Beauty Studio W400 Chelten Ave in Philly KNOWS I LOATHE the dryer, I'll be asleep under that thing even if I'm not tired. I DO NOT wrap my hair even when I'm supposed to. I tried. That thing is off in the morning, not even in the bed. Like, do I get irritated in the middle of the night and throw it off??? There was a commercial back in the day when a "Hair Monster" came into someones room and started messing up their hair while they were sleeping. Could be the "Hair Monster" *shrugs*

Well, after endless sew-ins, glue-ins, curls, presses, afros, twists, braids, colors colors colors (in Ice-T voice) I'm ready to let my hair down :) I'm off the relaxer aka creamy crack, my hair is growing at a rapid speed, with the fine touches of 'that hair' added to my hair, I now just have BIG HAIR!!! Thanks to a blow-dryer and some kind Brazilian's :) leave-in conditioners, a brush and twisting it up at night :) I'm good :)

I look forward to where this hair takes me :)