Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Hope She Cheats" - Late Nights & Early Mornings

The official "my 1st single goes to radio" day :) haven't had this happen to me since well, 1996. Yes, 1996! I had a song called "Is This Real" that was played on the radio in the UK before I had a deal :) Thanks Choice FM :)

"Hope She Cheats (on you with a basketball player)"

Contrary to popular belief, I signed MY deal in December of 2009 with J Records :) so really, it has taken me no time at all to get this album together :) My situation over at Aftermath became a production/writer deal hence all the features. People talk, speculate and what not. I kept my pen to myself, giving away gems here and there for Alicia, Jamie Foxx, Busta, The Game etc. Mixtapes for fun :) Some of which were taken WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!
My sense of humor is a little dark LOL get to know me :)
Having written so many songs and given so many different perspectives on love, lust, you name it, there are always things left unsaid. That's the beauty of the freedom of speech. I get to say it my way. Well, SANG IT!!! :) "Hope She Cheats" was the one song that hadn't been sung before. I've written songs and felt like they already existed, like someone else could've come up with that (maybe) but this one! This was something that I would've thought about someone at some point in my life. This song was an real experience and a real situation I watched someone close to me go through. Damn ______. <---- insert name LOL

"Look at how it all turned out now!"

I'm ready!

One small step for Marsha Angelique Ambrosius, one giant leap for Late Nights & Early Mornings release date :)