Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happier New :) 2011

It's nice to start fresh :)
The new year is always great. You can start over. Resolve.
I know what I need to do. There's plenty I want to do but that will have to wait :)

Making music is something that I knew I'd eventually end up doing. I knew when it was time for me to do my own thing, I'd want to make a statement. With music that has purpose, has meaning, saves lives. That's the type of music I make.

2010 "Hope She Cheats on you With a Basketball Player" - I had no idea that the song would be what it became. What began as UStream banter, became a Billboard charted record :) FUNNY!!! :) And I love the song :) Glad it's a part of LN & EM's :)

"Far Away" I recorded that song early '08. I knew it would mean more to me later on and I'm thankful that it waited for it's time and place which is right now. When I write songs, it's usually in the moment I'm experiencing that emotion, or I'll pick up on what the people around me are feeling. Of late, many songs I've written are surfacing as experiences I'm having now :)

Many artists back in the day dealt with all subject matters in their music without compromise. Marvin Gaye could tell you to "Come Live With Me Angel" and ask you "What's Going On". I'm getting back to that. If it is unheard, I'll speak on it. It's always been the "me" thing to do :)

Late Nights & Early Mornings - EVERYTHING I ever wanted to say :) it's everything I've felt. My heart is on my sleeve, always :) I hold back for no one when it comes to music :)

Can't wait for you to experience my experience :)

Marsha Ambrosius



  1. I am so glad you're unleashing your honesty and beautiful voice! We need more of your kind! :-) Cannot wait because "Far Away" is amazing!

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  3. Yes, Late Nights & Early Mornings.. I can't wait. I need the video in my life as well! Miss Marsha, you have touched my soul since you firsted started and I would love for to continue.. I am a life time supporter... I support real music cause I'm a real person.. Thank you for your vocals and the way in which you express yourself.. you always touch my heart and soul.. this as best as it gets because Im a true fan in real music not the music that they play now (it's all good) but its not soulful and loving or unloving like yours!your music is truth cause it who you are!

  4. Love some Marsha-Marsha-Marsha! Thanks for coming to Dallas... @MKBceballos1

  5. I SO can't wait for the album to drop! I already know it's gonna be a banger!! Waiting anxiously for it's release as well as some UK tour dates!! Jazz Cafe sounds good....though you'll probably need a bigger venue.....

  6. I love Paul Pierce but you are the TRUTH! Your Dallas show was awesome! As fans we love the fact that you keep it real with us, you let us into your world and we feel connected to you. Your experiences are our experiences. Thank you for making great music! Your are very unique and I know you will have a great solo career.

  7. I'm thankful for this chance to experience "IT!" To Experience music and an artist that is special and legendary(no doubt). Every song of yours is heart-felt and real! "What comes from the heart, reaches the heart." The truth in your artistry is blatant and in your face...I LOVE IT! I got the chance to experience M. Jordan #23, not to many people now-a-days can TRULY say that. Now once again, I get the opportunity to experience greatness! What a blessing! Forever grateful and appreciative to you Marsha Ambrosius for being intuned to what the fans want and need out of MUSIC....LNEM's 2011; USTREAMFAM; I AM A MARSHIAN :-)

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  9. Hey Marsha, I removed my comment ONLY cause I found the official "Far Away" video on your Vevo page TODAY. I coudn't find it ANYWHERE on YOUR official sites when the internet buzz surfaced Jan 6th.

    I still say, however, when you get a moment post it here, on YOUR blog if the label permits embedding. They can still count the hits, and see get the analytical demographics. If ya need social media assistance, I'd love to work on your team. I got a couple of ideas I'd love to share combining mobile marketing and social media.

    Anyhoo, mad applause on the video. YOU'RE A LEADER, hands down in this industry. And like I said in Ustream chat, it's very much need. "Far Away" is even more needed. Big Ups to director, Julius Erving III. Love that American flag symbolism. Have a great 106 & Park show!

  10. Hey Smiley! :)
    I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it: I'm so very proud of you. Those words may sound simple but they speak volumes coming from my heart. As a proud member of the #Ustreamfam, I get to see you, who you truly are; I thank you for allowing us, your fans, into your life. Thank you for everything. You inspired me to rekindle my love affair with words, and now I have people asking me when the next piece will arrive. I look to you as my mentor/big sister. Thank you so very much, Marsha.

    Wishing you nothing but success,