Friday, October 8, 2010

The Ballad of Hope She Cheats: Sex So Good

Hey everyone :)

I decided to take it back, way back... back when it was just me and my pen and my piano. "Hope She Cheats" is living the life at radio right now :) so happy, billboard charted and all, my little boo boo of a song, the little engine that almost never was :) thanx UStream Fam :) thanx Canei Finch & Clutch :) that was an interesting evening :) Look at how it all turned out now ;)

When I initially wrote the song, I heard it really mellow and jazzed out, similar to how I 1st performed it at SOB's :) and this is exactly what I did :)

After UStreamin last night, sat there at the keys and went in, didn't mean to be up till 7AM but ahh well :) for me, well worth it :)

Un-mixed of course but will be at a later date...

I created this for those who don't know I write and produce :) for those who want a glimpse of who I am :)

The chords, the harmonies, the cow bell LOL even the thunder storm :) I've been making songs like this for a while now :) BRITS Performing Arts School knows that :) Good old 92' :)

Listen & Download :)


  1. I must say I was quite surprised to see that you have an album come out. I heard Co-Star ages ago, but I could never seem to find it. Now in 2010 here it is again. Your music is heartfelt and inspirational. You have become one of my favorite artist as well as an inspiration for my poetry. I hope our paths cross whenever I become famous.

  2. I love this song....its so deep and real...been a fan of floetry since day one and now I'm happy or should I say excited to hear what Marsha CD sound like...keep up the good work.

  3. I love this song! After listening to "Yours Truly" in Soundcloud I can't wait to hear what your album will sound like!! Been following you since Floetry :) One question: will there be a vinyl version of your album? Thanks!

  4. Marsha, I want you to know that I wrote a new piece while listening to this. Don't wanna post the lines in your comment box, though. I may put it on my blog so you can see it.

    Can't wait for LNs & EMs :)

  5. Hey Marsha, here's the piece I wrote while listening to The Ballad and Dream Inception. I was going to keep it private because it's my truth for the moment. Hope you like.

  6. Marsha, Marsha!! I really need you guys to hurry up and get this CD out. I don't think I can stand to wait any longer.