Friday, October 8, 2010

Dream Inception

*I wrote this piece after watching the movie "Inception" thoroughly enjoyed the concept. What if you could give someone the idea of love??? :)

"I am everything that you need
the more I tell you so
the more that you believe
your love for me will grow
I'm just to plant the seed
you and I can begin to dream

I am what you've been searching for your whole life
the more I let you know
the more I'm on your mind
your love for me is so ideal
so divine this time
I'm so ready
oh so ready
for your love tonight

So I'll dream..."


  1. ok y I printed this out & posted it on my wall in my office!!! DOPE Miss Lady!!

  2. Hi Marsha, I just have to say I think that your music is simply amazing. You probably no doubtable get this all the time, but I just want to say it again for the 100th time. Lol.... I loved you when you in Floetry, and I wish you all the best now. I write poetry myself and have done for nearly 5 years, I've written a piece about Flotery on my blog, so check it out. I'm also a spoken word poet who is very shy and doesn’t have much confidence, but I push myself to build it up. Do you have any tips of advice for me that you could give me? That would be much appreciated. :-)

    Many people are blessed on this earth with a god given talent, and you gal are one of them. Stay blesses and keep on repping the UK. Caroline (aka) SoulStress