Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You Say Yes #Marshians for you :)

Say Yes

A Touch of Jazz B Room Summer of 2000:

It was late.  Everyone had left the studio except for myself and Andre Harris.  He was tired, I was coming down with a cold.  Still, the two of us stayed in the B room. He played some chords.  I said 'loop those four chords and play it real slow.'  He did so.  I began to write...

There is only one for me
you have made that a possibility
we could take that step to see
if this is really gonna be

All you gotta do is say yes

All you gotta do is say yes
don't deny what you feel let me undress you baby
open up your mind and just rest
I'm about to let you know

you make me so so so so so so so so so

Loving you has taken time
take your time
But I always knew you could be mine
I recognize the butterflies inside me
sense is gonna be made to tonight tonight

all you gotta do is say yes...

It took me about 3mins.  I told Andre I was done writing it which meant one thing and one thing only.  I was gonna record whether he was tired and whether or not I was coming down with a cold.  I got in the booth,  the four chords looped around a couple of times and I freestyled the intro "See I've been watching you for a while, your smile and style, I wanna know if I can be with you for the night aiight!  Is that alright? Baby? baby!" I recorded the lead in one take.  I didn't write a bridge so at the time, it only made sense to just enjoy the moment.  So I did ;) Asked for another track,  did some background harmonies.  Asked for another track, did another harmony.  My voice was so worn out from coughing and sneezing that I didn't do anymore vocals than that.  The song was done.

That night in the B Room at A Touch of Jazz, we listened back to it on repeat.  Andre Harris and myself KNEW that song was SOMETHING!  

At the time, Ron Isley was looking for songs so I definitely wrote it with him in mind.  I remember everyone coming to the studio the next day and how hype I was to play it for them.  I remember who liked it and who said it was 'a nice song'.  I remember who gave me the 'you DID THAT' look and I remember who shrugged it off as just another song I had done without them.

I remember playing it for Babyface when he came to A Touch of Jazz to meet with the producers.  I remember him liking the song and passing up on it.  I remember hearing that Ron Isley's album was already completed so he didn't take it either.  

I remember Dreamworks being very happy that they could use this song on the Floetry debut album Floetic.  I remember it then being chosen as a single.  I remember sitting in creative meetings about the video trying to figure out how to incorporate the duo in this song because only I wrote it and only my vocals are on the song.  The Floacist would lip sync  all my vocals throughout the video to give the illusion of this being a Floetry song. Performance shots are everything and the Say Yes video was shot carefully to ensure it looked cohesive thanks to the director Jeremy Rall!  http://www.jeremyrall.com I remember choosing Omari Hardwick as the guy I would be checking out on the subway in the video and I'm thankful he 'said yes' ;)  
*every time I see him now we smile, acknowledging where we used to be those years ago.  Look at how it all turned out now :) GO OMARI :) @OmariHardwick

I remember going back to London after Say Yes was released in the USA and returning to "SAY YES".  I was happy for US!  Didn't matter to me that 'we' didn't write the song.  Floetry had now garnered 'mainstream' notoriety from a song that I wrote and recorded with a cold.  

It was Andre's birthday not too long ago and we talked and reminisced and laughed and thanked Jesus numerous times that I didn't take Nyquil and he didn't fall asleep that night.  We made an 'Open Mic' Classic!!! lol We made a song that 12 years later, I can get on the keys at my live show, play those four chords I asked him to loop and THE WHOLE CROWD knows what's about to happen!  The same thing that has been happening for the past 12years.  Real moments.  Real music.  

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this song what it is!

Andre Harris @AndreDreHarris "Copoogy" "Oskie" lol 12yrs don't change much :)

All the true fans out there that hear this song, still feel it in your hearts, the singers that cover this song at open mic spots across the world... :) LOVE!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Marsha Ambrosius


  1. Truly Grateful that NyQuil was no where in that studio! Very much a classic!

    1. Probably would've been a chopped and screwed version of the same song lol

    2. Cheers to the inspiration i needed to get my life back. My life has changed so much since 2002, i have alway had a special place in my heart for u. Even in back then and now....a108lbs smaller, working on my 3rd book and yes my love for u shows in them, i just wanted to thank you. In spirit ur right by my side and on repeat in my ear. Peace&Love to u&urs

  2. Skye made a name for herself. Im so happy for u :-)

  3. It's almost impossible to believe that the song is made up of only four chords that I have playing in my mind as I write this lol!But wow,that's an interesting story to making a classical jam,your voice on that record,wow#touched.

  4. I glad you wrote that jam that is should a wonderful classical song. You are so wonderful. Thank you for making great music

  5. Marsha Ambrosius! Thank you for sharing such an intimate and special milestone with us. It's a testament to the fact that good, real music (or real ANYTHING for that matter) stands the test of time.

    I especially love the idea of you hearing that simple chord progression on repeat and churning it out. It's as if the chords already told the story... and in that moment you had the special ability to translate that melody into spoken/sung word. I can relate--busting out the recorder cuz you know something special's coming out of you and you have to catch it before it's gone! I just hope that one day I can achieve the level of success that you have, and can have the ability to recount those late night keyboard chords, lyric writing, and falsetto riffs to others, just like you have today.

    Please keep doing what you're doing--your realness and talent inspires me and so many others. You're proof that you don't have to sell out to make a lasting impression in the music world.

    -Mike L

  6. All I can say is WOW. Sometimes you just never know the behind the scene stuff. I now have a even greater appreciation for the song and your talent. Keep up the good work....keep it coming!!!!

    Cornelius M

  7. Thanks for all the comments :) Love :)

  8. My pen, my notebook and my playlist(marshamarsha) on repeat..on my grind. Thanks Marsha

  9. I can remember when you two performed that song at Ramshead Live in Baltimore. I was the tallest in the crowd and I swear you were looking me in my eyes ans singing that song right to me. I was like a girl see Mike Jackson. God truly Blessed you with an amazing voice and your writing is also a God given. Couldn't wait to hear an all Marsha album. Continue to be blessed and giving us GREAT music. One Love Mami. Your #1 fan. Trini iceBurgSlimTheGod. Flowers

  10. Heard Daley cover it brilliantly last night in KOKO, still couldn't wait to hear the original when I got home.

    Great story, a reminder that the divine can manifest from the most challenging circumstances..

    Much Love :)

  11. This joint is all the way classic. I played it this morning after I read this blog entry. Still gives me chills....sheesh. Thank you, Marsha for giving us REAL, untampered, GENUINE music. I'ma fan for life. Already saw you twice. I damn near come to tears every time you sing a note. Can't wait til you drop the new album, and til you go on tour again.

  12. Wow that's amazing..."Say Yes" will always be a classic. I was probly 5 or 6 when I first heard it. I really didn't understand the lyrics @ the time but now when I listen to,I see myself sitting in my mom's truck moving my head to the beat. Thanks for being a true artist and putting out great music. I can't wait for the new album to drop.
    Love your biggest fan,
    Zion K. McThomas

  13. THANK YOU for returning to blogging! Even if for a moment! That joint and "It's Getting Late" forever put you in my slow jams, baby making songs playlist. In fact, YOU are officially one of my fav artists because of your lyrics and harmonies. I dare say you're a poet who sings and produces! And Omari Hardwick....all that brother would have to do for me is LOOK like he was gonna say yes. LOL.

  14. incredible song. wow those chords