Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happier New :) 2011

It's nice to start fresh :)
The new year is always great. You can start over. Resolve.
I know what I need to do. There's plenty I want to do but that will have to wait :)

Making music is something that I knew I'd eventually end up doing. I knew when it was time for me to do my own thing, I'd want to make a statement. With music that has purpose, has meaning, saves lives. That's the type of music I make.

2010 "Hope She Cheats on you With a Basketball Player" - I had no idea that the song would be what it became. What began as UStream banter, became a Billboard charted record :) FUNNY!!! :) And I love the song :) Glad it's a part of LN & EM's :)

"Far Away" I recorded that song early '08. I knew it would mean more to me later on and I'm thankful that it waited for it's time and place which is right now. When I write songs, it's usually in the moment I'm experiencing that emotion, or I'll pick up on what the people around me are feeling. Of late, many songs I've written are surfacing as experiences I'm having now :)

Many artists back in the day dealt with all subject matters in their music without compromise. Marvin Gaye could tell you to "Come Live With Me Angel" and ask you "What's Going On". I'm getting back to that. If it is unheard, I'll speak on it. It's always been the "me" thing to do :)

Late Nights & Early Mornings - EVERYTHING I ever wanted to say :) it's everything I've felt. My heart is on my sleeve, always :) I hold back for no one when it comes to music :)

Can't wait for you to experience my experience :)

Marsha Ambrosius