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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Hope She Cheats" - Late Nights & Early Mornings

The official "my 1st single goes to radio" day :) haven't had this happen to me since well, 1996. Yes, 1996! I had a song called "Is This Real" that was played on the radio in the UK before I had a deal :) Thanks Choice FM :)

"Hope She Cheats (on you with a basketball player)"

Contrary to popular belief, I signed MY deal in December of 2009 with J Records :) so really, it has taken me no time at all to get this album together :) My situation over at Aftermath became a production/writer deal hence all the features. People talk, speculate and what not. I kept my pen to myself, giving away gems here and there for Alicia, Jamie Foxx, Busta, The Game etc. Mixtapes for fun :) Some of which were taken WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!
My sense of humor is a little dark LOL get to know me :)
Having written so many songs and given so many different perspectives on love, lust, you name it, there are always things left unsaid. That's the beauty of the freedom of speech. I get to say it my way. Well, SANG IT!!! :) "Hope She Cheats" was the one song that hadn't been sung before. I've written songs and felt like they already existed, like someone else could've come up with that (maybe) but this one! This was something that I would've thought about someone at some point in my life. This song was an real experience and a real situation I watched someone close to me go through. Damn ______. <---- insert name LOL

"Look at how it all turned out now!"

I'm ready!

One small step for Marsha Angelique Ambrosius, one giant leap for Late Nights & Early Mornings release date :)


  1. Hey Marsha, it's @goddesslala. I'm extremely proud of you. You deserve all of your accomplishments and more. The UstreamFam is definitely proud of you.


  2. Love the song! Its hot! Its gone be number 1!!!!!

  3. Hey Marsha... huge supporters over on Sound-Savvy. When you get ready to drop the album, we'd love to get an interview so have your folks hit me on!! Much love to ya, and we're patiently awaiting the release of the "Hope She Cheats" video. Stay up babe!

  4. So happy to hear that new music is coming from such a talented writer/songstress. I definitely plan on doing a feature on you on my blog very soon!

  5. Clearly one of the most original songs I ever heard. Been bumpin it as much as possible. Great job!

  6. well hey Missy I've been waiting to hear ur voice since... FOREVER!!! glad to know u gotta new single out.. Ive been followin u on Twitter & UStream and 1 u are sooooo flippin Crazy & Talent.. Girrrl cant wait 2 see ya in CONCERT & U ROCK B-more :-)... aiight I shall see & HEAR YA on the waves...

    Egypt (

  7. I wish you much success Marsha! Your voice is so beautiful and no different from your spirit. AND you are so FUN! lol!
    Ustream fam, Nurse Angie

  8. Hey MAA :0)

    Hello,InfiniTINAked (Twitter and WWF) here. I just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to hearing things your way this Fall. Aside from the blessing that is your voice, you have something a LOT of artists seem to lack... real personality! It's cool to actually see that now, because it didn't show while you were a part of Floetry. The personality and inner beauty shine through in your writing and performance now, and that's what makes you irreplaceable and an inimitable artist. The masses don't know yet, Marsha, so you betta' show em!

    Check me out on here, if you ever want some inspiration, info (health/science), or just a good ha ha he he heeee (and breathe) :0)

  9. Girl you can sing the Micky D's jingles & be fabulous. Your voice is amazing. I've been a fan for years & can't wait to hear/buy any & all of your new music!

  10. wow...i came across your blog while on twitter...i haven't heard the song that you've released but believe me i'm off to find it now...i know you've heard it a million times before, thank you for being such an inspirational artist..i mean love to write and i write all the time...and lately i must say i've been dabbling into music...but its hard and i know that singing is not my calling..but i'm really intrigued about the process of going from taking your words and actually joining it with music...i guess what i'm trying to ask is a question that might not be able to be answered....but how do you take the flow from your pen...from your mind...your notepad even and turn it into the flow we all hear?...just a thought in my of luck with your album and i'm looking forward to listening to it :)

  11. hey...didnt even know u had a ur music.

    dont know if this is d right means, but how can ppl get around to submitting beats to you?.... if you are accepting em anyway

  12. This song is amaaaazing!!! I've been repeating it for an hour now...can't wait for the album

  13. Very happy I read this explanation of the song...Love your voice. Looking forward to hearing more. Love the Ustreaming too! Much success.

  14. I am a little bitter, just a little bitter... I'm glad that after I wanted to Bust the windows out of his car, someone found the words that were really inside my heart... I hope she did... eventhough I didnt want to admit it, if I was honest I did... hearing someone else sing helped me to let go of the anger that it created.... I'm now freeing myself....
    Can't wait for you to come home with this record! x