Friday, June 18, 2010

Wishing you all the best... (hope she cheats) LOL

Ok so... I first came up with the idea on UStream. The online reaction was priceless. Then performed a snippet of it LIVE at SOB's! CLASSIC! I thought about the many songs I'd written, pouring my heart out, getting all emotional and what not. Then thought to myself, what if I snapped out??? What if I didn't feel as emotionally attached to the heartache as I was to the bruised ego??? When relationships turn sour, you want to be the bigger person and wish them well, let them continue on in life without you successfully.


You also have that split second (sometimes longer depending on who you are) thought of wanting that person to be as miserable as your ego is without them. All insecurities surface to the forefront and YOU SNAP OUT!!! The lyrical content in the song, as comedic as one would find it, ring true for many situautions I've been involved in directly or indirectly.

"I hope she cheats on you with a basketball player" ... meaning he is asthetically more appealing than you ever were. In most cases, he has more money. If she cheated on you with Joe Shmoe from up the way, you might could whoop his a$$ and get over it. I want it to be public knowledge that your broad is smashin' some eligible starting 5 dude! :)

"Hope that she Kim Kardashian'd her way up" ... meaning (other than me loving the rhyming pattern of her name) it fit the theme. I hope his new chick has a sex tape with some R&B dude everyone knows about. Now, don't get it twisted, this is no direct shot at Kim. It seriously was about her name and the theme matching. If someone else comes up with a better line, do the remix please :)

I could go line for line about the song. The bottom line is this...


Whoever the next person is in your life will have a past. But don't we all?!? Bunch of iChat snapshots, some convos, sexting, pic of my titties I may have sent him that one time. There are a whole list of things that make nobody any better than anyone else.

"Look at how it all turned out now!" ... I'm enjoying life here in the USA (Philly mostly) I have great fam and friends that keep it one hun-ed with me always! I don't take that for granted.

I will always pour out my heart. It is freeing to be free. My consideration for outside opinion never plays a part in my creativity. I'll keep creating :)

All luv :)

Marsha Ambrosius

*so wanted to post an EXTREMELY inappropriate pic LOL not yet! (Mutley laugh)*


  1. sup marsha this pr0blemchild23 from twitter ... I LOVE EVERYTHING about the song

    ESPECIALLY that break down @ 3:07 that shit was INCREDABLE ... the vocals and everything the bassline JUST EVERYTHING was so Marvelous ... anyway ..can't wait till i get that mixed cdq :)

  2. yea, i saw this song a quite recently, and im so glad you were so real about it! Yeah, you wanna be the bigger person, but at somepoint yo just wanna be the bitch your entilitled to be - have a bitter moment. You feel so much better after that! lol

  3. hey marsha awesome break down of the song in the blog i love and live for the song!!!!!!!! However i wish it was still soulful like a ballad the way u performed it at SOBS but its kool i still love it ps: its swagdacreator from ustream part of the ustreamfam

  4. MS. AMBROSIUS :D Love that song. Was cheering & cthu when I watched that video of u @ SOB's! This is _JADORN_ from twitter aaaaaaand we need to talk about me beating ur face...with my makeup brushes that is HAAAAA!! LoL Love u!!

  5. Luv the song!!!
    As as the post...I value your candor. Many like the "I'ma be alright" and the "I don't care if you go" thoughts after a break-up...but this song was right up my mean-ass alley...LOL

    I think it depends on how the situation ended. But oh yes...I've definitely fixed my mouth and said that to at least 2 people...without hesitation...
    Glad to see I'm not alone....

  6. I loved the song and I'm a guy, don't tell anyone!! LOL. I actually purchased your song off iTunes and remixed it, KEEPING one of your verses on there, you can check it out if you get a chance. Everyone has loved it so far!
    Keep doing ya thang Marsha!

  7. Been in rotation since I peeped it on The lush orchestration is kills, and lyrical content bananas. With the instrumental, I did an acapella blend with weezies Ms. Officer...krazy blend. I work at 88.3 the saint siena college on upstate NY. Mike. Our station reaches Ma. Ct. And Vt. Would love an interview, if you have time. Love the story. Thank you, for your consideration.

  8. Your so special, tapped into some higher level ish. Love ya

  9. This is my favorite song and I love it but I also lived it. Thank you for bringing to the light what some people choose to keep in the dark. You have the most beautiful voice and I pray you never stop using it. Much love peace and happiness always.