Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am not my hair...

If I knew then what I know now :) I was chillin', letting it air dry... With the vicious side part... I think I have roughly the same outfit on right now as I do in this pic lol what I don't have is innocent hair! That untouched, pure, loved hair! And I'm ok with that! I don't regret one single thing I did or didn't do to my hair, except maybe that bleach! No good can come from bleaching!!! But I learned :)

Yes, the ever so touchy subject "Is that all yours???" aka HAIR!!! My response... "Most of it!" LOL I have done my hair every which way possible, relaxed, natural, every color possible, colors you're not supposed to have, I DID IT ALL!!! 1st relaxer when I was 11. Chopped it all off to go natural when I was 22. 10 years later, hmmmmmmmm what didn't I do to my hair??? What I didn't do is grow my natural hair all the way out till it was out of control long. Yes I had a very large afro but it was also bright orange. I'd used so many chemicals to color it, it still didn't feel like I owned it. Let's have a look :) WOW!!! I loved my afro but it was so chemically treated, I may as well have had a relaxer which I ended up getting right before I went on vacation in '07. Thought that would be easier but NO!!! I was right back to where I didn't wanna be! Had to maintain it!!! My natural hair is somewhat manageable lol I can't leave it to air dry OH NO!!! I'd have issues tryna brush that out without doing some kinda damage. What I do have is A LOT of hair. It's crazy thick and when it is long its frikkin HUGE!!!

My hairstylist of the past 2-3 years knows that of me. Ava-Gaye who works at The Beauty Studio W400 Chelten Ave in Philly KNOWS I LOATHE the dryer, I'll be asleep under that thing even if I'm not tired. I DO NOT wrap my hair even when I'm supposed to. I tried. That thing is off in the morning, not even in the bed. Like, do I get irritated in the middle of the night and throw it off??? There was a commercial back in the day when a "Hair Monster" came into someones room and started messing up their hair while they were sleeping. Could be the "Hair Monster" *shrugs*

Well, after endless sew-ins, glue-ins, curls, presses, afros, twists, braids, colors colors colors (in Ice-T voice) I'm ready to let my hair down :) I'm off the relaxer aka creamy crack, my hair is growing at a rapid speed, with the fine touches of 'that hair' added to my hair, I now just have BIG HAIR!!! Thanks to a blow-dryer and some kind Brazilian's :) leave-in conditioners, a brush and twisting it up at night :) I'm good :)

I look forward to where this hair takes me :)


  1. I'm 19 in college on spring break in the house alone with a hot comb. I was in the tri-fold mirror. burning my scalp. only straiting the front. My hair has not been cut in two-months and a partially hot combed head deserves a hat. This post made me happy that I am not the only one who does crazy stuff to my head.

  2. Wonderful hair journey story ! Thanks so much for sharing sis. (love your music by the way :-) )

    Nyesha Samuel (Healthy Locs)
    Publisher of healthylocsblog.com

  3. Awesome, I went natural a couple of years ago AND I am loving it!! Can't wait to see your progress..... Loved the orange FRO!

  4. i LOVE this!! this is so beautiful, i'm transitioning & learning to love my hair just the way it is =)

  5. Hey Marsha (aka Smiley), it's Goddesslala. Love it Marsha! I have been natural almost two years, and I'm enjoy every moment. Miss you!!!!

  6. This post came right on time! Today marks my 4-month nappiversary! I was colored, relaxed, cut, crimped, roller set and everything in between but I have had enough. No more creamy crack. My last relaxer was August 09 and I did the big chop in November (one day after my 29th bday). I want to enter my 30s a very true and accurate portrait of me--natural hair and all. I'm in my final year of law school and feel that the timing is perfect: new journey, new hair. What better way to start than with what I was given?

    You will enjoy (again) your natural hair journey. The confidence, the allure, the sexiness of it all is exhilarating! My guy is supportive and I think digs the 'natural' me.

    I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  7. haha...as i was reading i was relating all over over the place...i permed my hair for the first time back in 1994, it was the worst thing i ever did...i could never take care of it...the last time i got a perm was in 1999...that's when i decided to go natural because my hair was starting to break...i locked my hair on and off for like five years and for most of that time i rocked a hat...when i finally made a commitment to grow my locs five years ago, i never thought about how much of me my hair would become...sometimes i want to tell the world i am not my hair because to me, its just something that grows..but whether i choose to admit it or not...it defines me...its the first thing people notice when they see me...i'll never have a conventional job because its a taboo...i don't regret growing them...and i wonder why some people cut their hair..maybe i'm old age in my thinking but i believe so much of our strength comes from our hair...its a genuine extension of us...but i can understand the need for progression...okay i've rambled enough on your page...

  8. I will hit my year mark of being natural on Sept 11th of this year. I love this journey to my true self. I can't wait to fully get the hang of maintaining my mane. Lol. Happy growing!

  9. that's a journey alright...unfortunately i can't say i've had so much to do with my hair, but i cut it all recently and i feel good that i made the decision for myself and never regretted it. our hair doesn't define us in any way...oh and the title of this post reminded me of India Arie's song... :)